Staple Brush Sets

SEALEZE® specialty staple set brush is available in any configuration: cylinder (radial), block (lag), strip, disc or head (goblet)

SEALEZE® Staple Set Brushes are custom manufactured for each specific application need, with different shapes, lengths, and diameters. All tufted brush designs are available in a variety of filament materials that provide the best performance and value for your particular application. Sealeze's sales representatives and engineering staff specialize in working closely with you to design optimized solutions for use in your application, ensuring successful results and satisfaction.

Staple set (or tufted) brushes are available in a range of substrates ranging from wood and polypropylene to high temperature Tivar or any of a variety of options. Let our in-house engineering staff help you determine the best combination of filament and substrate for your application.

Metal staple set brush is available in mild steel, stainless steels*, brass, and phosphor bronze and are available with wood, nylon and polypropylene substrates. If you need special filament or substrate materials for your staple set application, SEALEZE® can accommodate your needs.

In addition to our standard materials, we have the capability to manufacture brushes, holders and substrates from less common materials, such as monel or brass. Let us know should your needs require brushes and/or holders constructed of “non-standard” materials.

Cylinder Brushes

Cylinder brushes can be used for cleaning, guiding, conveying, and spreading

Download the Cylinder Staple Set worksheet (PDF)

Lag (block) Brushes

Lag (block) brush designs are used for conveying, positioning, sealing, filtering, and cleaning

Download the Block (Lag) Staple Set worksheet (PDF)

Disc Brushes

Disc and Head brushes are designed for wiping, cleaning, and polishing

Download the Disc Staple Set worksheet
Download the Head (Goblet) Staple Set worksheet (PDF)

From conveying and positioning to cleaning and scrubbing, staple set brushes are used in a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples:

  • Bakeries– safely guide food products, clean conveyor belts, spread materials
  • Beverage / Bottling Lines– guide and convey products, protect delicate surfaces, apply labels
  • Conveyor Lines– clean and remove dust, directionally guide materials
  • Food Processing Lines– move product without damaging or marring food or package surfaces, sort, clean and polish
  • Fruit / Vegetable Cleaning and Polishing– move delicate fruits and vegetables for guiding, washing, sorting, and waxing
  • Furniture Manufacturing– apply stain, dedusting, denibbing, cleaning and polishing, convey furniture parts and protect finished surfaces
  • Packaging / Material Handling– clean and protect product and machinery surfaces, apply labels, remove dust, dissipate static, convey and guide materials
  • Paper Processing and Manufacturing– clean conveyor belts, guide and position products
  • Water / Wastewater Processing– clean perforated screens, agitate and filter effluent, seal rotating drums

Modular Cylinder Brush System
Modular Staple Brush

The Modular Cylinder System is specially designed for quick and easy changeover using individual sections. These tufted brushes provide an extended life cycle even under extreme conditions. The brush bodies are resistant to acid and meet food processing industry guidelines. All brushes are balanced and light-weight so there is minimal energy demand for the system. Sealeze's modular design features easy mounting of the brush bodies speeding up the changeover process. As always, a wide range of filament materials are available so that the brush performance is maximized for each application.

By utilizing the modular cylinder brush design, individual segments can be replaced as needed. Seams are prevented through the specially designed connections. In most cases, the brush bodies can be manufactured to fit your shaft specifications, or SEALEZE® can provide the shaft.

Download the Modular Cylinder Staple Set worksheet as a PDF

Visit the Downloads page to access all of Sealeze's worksheets

Block (Lag) Staple Set worksheet
Cylinder Staple Set worksheet
Head (Goblet) Staple Set Worksheet
Disc Staple Set worksheet
Modular Cylinder worksheet

SEALEZE® also offers quality strip brush in custom configurations. Strip brushes are available in a variety of sizes and filament materials that can be custom formed to meet your needs. Holders, available in aluminum and stainless steel, can be custom formed and punched to your specifications. Powder coating and painting options are available to meet your color needs.

Nylon filament brushes for sealing, shielding and guiding
Ez-Flex flexible strip brushes for contoured doors
Custom punched holders
A variety of filaments and trim lengths to suit your application needs