Weatherseal Products
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Sealeze provides a broad range of products specifically designed to improve the thermal efficiency of buildings, reduce pest problems, and improve personnel comfort and safety.

Brush Weatherseals
Sealeze brush weatherseals close gaps around all types of doors, ranging from home entrance doors to large industrial overhead doors, barn doors and aircraft hangar doors. Sealeze brush weatherseal conforms to irregular surfaces to provide the most effective seal possible. More effective than vinyl or rubber seals, Sealeze brush consists of thousands of filaments that form a solid wall that closes gaps with a complete weather-tight seal without impairing door movement.

We make our weatherseal brush products from the finest nylon and polypropylene filament materials and our holders are made from sturdy extruded aluminum in a variety of finishes.

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"Sealeze’s Weatherseal brush has been engineered to keep cold or hot air from entering around any opening."

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Sealeze Weatherseal Products Include:

Our products are available in kit form or in stock lengths. Non-stock lengths, brush trim and mounting holes can be made to your specifications. Our weatherseal products are easy to install, durable and provide a quick pay-back in energy savings.

Sealeze Brush Weatherseal Products:

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs by closing gaps up to 7 inches wide
  • Reduce pest problems by reducing access and blocking light and smells that attract pests
  • Effectively seal in hot and cold conditions - even to 70° F below zero
  • Last a long time - independent tests show that Sealeze Therm-L-Brush® brush weatherseals don’t degrade- even after 2 million cycles of operation.
  • UL labeled for use on 3-hour fire doors (Therm-L-Brush with filament 4 inches and less)

Dock Leveler Seals - Sealeze dock leveler brush seals close the gaps around these mechanisms to minimize airflow and reduce the light and odors that attract unwanted insects and rodents.

Flexible Strip Brush - Ez-Flex® strip brush is a flexible-backed brush made of nylon. There is no metal in our flexible strip brush. Durable and long-lasting, Ez-Flex strip brush uses the same tough nylon filament as our metal-backed strip brush. Ez-Flex is ideal for use in harsh chemical environments or in FDA controlled areas or for in-field installations.


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