Rotary Brush Holder


Save time and money by replacing just the worn brushes! Sealeze rotary strip brushes are easy to assemble and disassemble, making changing brushes quick and easy.

Custom rotary strip brushes are available in two sizes: D Series and G Series. Extrusions are made from aluminum alloy. Machined aluminum alloy mounting hubs are available. Hubs for D Series rotary brushes enable mounting on shafts with 0.750 inch diameter; hubs for G Series rotary brushes enable mounting on shafts with 1.000 inch diameter. Brush channel materials include galvanized steel and T-304, T-304L, T-316 and T-316L stainless steels. A wide variety of filament materials is available (including crimped and level) with a wide selection of filament diameters. Custom mandrels and hubs can be designed and manufactured, upon request.

Sealeze rotary strip brushes are designed for low-RPM applications, typically less than 100 RPM.

If your application requires rotary strip brushes with special requirements, contact a Sealeze Sales Representative for more information.

To email us your application information, click here. Or, call 1-800-787-7325. 

Rotary Strip Brush Assemblies
 Extrusion DimensionsMinimum Assembly with Brush
Series D 2.220 1.125 3.18
Series G 2.743 1.375 4.25


Channel Section Size
D 0.240 0.256
G 0.350 0.370

Download a worksheet for Series D Rotary Brushes, worksheet for Series G Rotary Brushes or, go to the online Rotary Strip Brush worksheet.