Custom-Sized Surface-Mount Grommet

Custom-Sized Surface-Mount Grommet

Our CB22 custom surface-mount grommet can be ordered in different variations to fit over oddly-shaped (not squared) holes.

  • CB22 allows field modification from sizes: 5 x 5 in. to 10 x 24 in.
  • CB22H is designed to fit cutouts against a wall or other obstruction and can fit around already installed cables

The CB22 surface-mount floor grommet is designed to fit over oddly shaped (not squared) cutouts, with or without power or communication cables installed. The unique design of the CB22 grommet enables field modification. The side rails and brush can be cut using ordinary hand tools. For installations with cables in place, the end of the grommet can be removed and placed around the existing cables. The CB22 series can be installed over access holes ranging from 5 x 5 inches to 10 x 24 inches. For smaller cutout sizes, use CoolBalance circular seals CB33-04 or CB33-06. For larger holes, contact us for other CoolBalance sealing solutions.

Construction: 4 corner pieces and 4 black ABS plastic side rails; 2 SEALEZE® nylon brushes with XtraSealTM technology.

Hole Size: 5 x 5 in. to 10 x 24 in.

Installation: No. 8 self-drilling screws (supplied) or double-sided tape


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