Elevator Brush

Elevator Callout Box

At SEALEZE®, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving product. Our elevator products are designed to provide a low-cost solution to maintain the elevator shaft environment. We are relentless in our pursuit of using brush designed solutions to maximize the benefit to our elevator customers.

We now provide a brand-new Elevator Brush Catalog and Ordering Calculators that makes it easier than ever to do business with us!

SEALEZE® has a proven track record as a supplier for food and pharmaceuticals, waste water/water treatment facilities, material handling, elevator/escalator. Within these industries, we provide solutions for the following:

Here are a few recent SEALEZE® Solutions:

  • Pill metering
  • Conveying on-line
  • Packaging
  • Wiping on labels
  • Guiding for postal service to keep mail from falling in cracks
  • Auger flights
  • Stadium retractable roof
  • FDA Compliance

For more information, please contact our sales representative at 1-800-787-7325 or by email at sealezeorders@sealeze.com.