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At SEALEZE®, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving product. Our elevator products are designed to provide a low-cost solution to maintain the elevator shaft environment. We are relentless in our pursuit of using brush designed solutions to maximize the benefit to our elevator customers.

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At SEALEZE® our brush is specifically designed to withstand the tough environment of an elevator shaft, our brush offers a low-cost solution with a top-quality performance standard. Our commitment to quality products translates to lower costs for our customers!

SEALEZE® Elevator Brush Benefits:

Low-Cost Solution to Maintaining Hoistway Pressurization - eliminate 98.5% of air infiltration.

Our elevator products are designed to provide a low-cost solution to maintaining hoistway pressurization within the elevator shaft environment. One way our product does this is by eliminating 98.5% of air infiltration!

Reduce Maintenance Cost - prevent outside debris and moisture from damaging equipment.

Anyone who has worked with elevators knows that maintenance costs can add up quickly! SEALEZE® brush products reduce that cost by eliminating unnecessary or avoidable damage from outside debris and moisture. Our brushes and brush holders are specifically designed to create an airtight environment which not only reduces the risk of damage, but also reduce maintenance costs.

Sound Deadening - reduce sound in and from the elevator hoistway.

An elevator hoistway can be a noisy environment. Sound transmission and vibrations can result in unsatisfactory conditions for buildings that utilize elevators. SEALEZE® brush products reduce sound both in and around the elevator hoistway to create a more pleasant environment.

Durability - brushes and brush holders are designed and life tested to withstand 2 million cycles.

Our brushes are built for tough environments. In fact, our products have been life tested to withstand 2 million cycles. By addressing environmental demands in our design, we are able to produce a product that lasts decades, reduces costly maintenance and repairs, and makes life easier for you.

Simple Install - easy installation with pre-drilled holes and fasteners provided.

We believe that great products shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why our elevator brush solutions are designed to be easy to use, easy to install, and easy to purchase. Fasteners and pre-drilled holes help make the install process even easier for our customers!

UL approved for use on 3-hour fire doors.

SEALEZE® brush products have been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Their use has been approved on 3-hour fire doors, one of the highest fire ratings given.

Designed and Made in the USA.

We are proud to offer a problem-solving product that is engineered and manufactured in America. All of our products adhere to our core values of performance, durability, and simplicity and get the job done every time.

The durability of SEALEZE®'s elevator brush products is one of the key ways that we provide a low-cost solution for our elevator customers. An elevator shaft is a tough environment, but our brushes and brush holders are specifically designed to withstand its demands.

This commitment to quality products translates to lower costs for our customers. Once installed, SEALEZE® brush can last decades without costly maintenance and repairs. Our American engineered products mean less maintenance for you, longer-lasting products, and unmatched customer service. At the end of the day, it all leads to an easier process!

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Elevator Brush Landing Page

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