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SEALEZE® provides brush-based solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. provides brush-based solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. As a way to make it simple to do business with us, we provide a wide range of customized brush solutions.

Please use our guide below to fill out as much information as possible about your industrial brush needs so we can begin your custom design process. Once completed our customer service and engineering teams will work with you design the perfect solution for your application.

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Our brush can be used in a wide range of applications. Below please select the application that applies to your needs. If you do not see your application listed, please be as descriptive as possible when filling out the option for “other.”



SEALEZE® standard formed brush includes a variety of shapes as well as custom options. Please select the shape below that you need for your application. For your convenience, there is also an option to upload an image of your brush shape.

Straight Strip

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SEALEZE® manufactures a range of specialty brush filaments. Please use the section below to tell us about the operating environments, desired material, etc.


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Stock aluminum brush holders have a clear anodized finish, without mounting holes. To select the correct size, match the section letter of the brush to the section letter of the holder and then choose the flange angle needed. Brush holders can be cut to length, and provided with punched holes or machined slots for easy mounting. If one of our stock flange angles does not meet your needs, the “B” dimension of the flange may be bent or trimmed to meet your requirements. Finishes include clear aluminum anodized (silver) and duranodic (dark bronze). Holders can be formed into custom shapes to match custom-formed brushes.


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