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Entry Door Seals

Whether your entry doors are designed for basic functionality or to enhance the appearance of your building, SEALEZE® brush weatherseals and entrance door thresholds save money by preventing up to 98.5% of air infiltration around all types of entry doors. SEALEZE® brush weatherseal is easy to install, doesn’t require special tools or skills and properly installed can last the life of door. And, SEALEZE® Therm-L-Brush brush weatherseal is UL listed.

SEALEZE® weatherseal products can be an important part of your Integrated Pest Management Program. SEALEZE® weatherseal brushes are effective deterrents to keep out insects and rodents and provide a barrier to smells and light that attract these pests. Visit SEALEZE® pest control products for more information.

SEALEZE® Ez-Flex Strip Brush for Weatherseal

Ez-Flex brush weatherseal is a flexible alternative to metal-backed brush, providing designers with another sealing option when metal backed brush is not ideal. Because Ez-Flex strip brush is flexible, assembly and installation can be easier than with rigid metal-backed construction. Some sizes can be shipped and stored in rolls for easy storage.

SEALEZE® weatherseal products for entry doors are available as kits and bulk materials.

Click on the option which best meets your needs:

  • Stock Kits

    If you know the type of entry door you need to seal and the products needed. Kits are available for sweeps, jambs, astragal seals and thresholds.

  • Custom Kits and Bulk Materials

    If you have a number of doors to seal that are different sizes or our stock kits don’t meet all your needs. Custom kits and bulk materials are available for sweeps, jambs and astragal seals.

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