Self-Storage Door Seals for Storage Facilities

ProSeal brush weather-stripping products provide are cost-effective solutions to seal gaps and minimize air infiltration around self-storage doors. Just a ¼-inch gap around the unsealed sides and top of a 10’x10’ door is the equivalent of a 90 square inch hole in the door and permits 328 million cubic feet of air infiltration per year. SEALEZE® brush weatherseal products effectively reduce air infiltration by as mush as 98.5%, while reducing light and odors that attract unwanted insects, rodent and other pests. 

Benefits of SEALEZE® Weatherseal Brush for Self-Storage:

  • Seals our dust, dirt and debris
  • Keeps units clean and tenants happy
  • Seals out all types of weather including rain and snow to keep your units dry

100% Straight Nylon Filament
. Available in sizes D (for sealing gaps up to 3 inches wide) and G (for sealing gaps up to 7 inches wide). Therm-L-Brush with filament 4” long or less is UL labeled for use on 3-hour fire doors.

ProSeal Brush: 
100% Polypropylene Filament.
Available in sizes C (with straight filament) for sealing gaps up to 3 inches wide and size D (with crimped filament) for sealing gaps up to 4 inches wide.

We offer a variety of products to enhance your sealing choices and make installation easier. Accessories include:

  • Plastic Guide Seal for Rolling Steel Doors
  • One-piece, reverse angle clip-on vinyl flap for commercial sectional doors
  • Vinyl flap that fits any SEALEZE® size C holder

For more information about which brush is best for your application, contact your SEALEZE® sales representative.

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