Astragal seals are for sealing the gap where double doors meet. SEALEZE® astragal kits are available for popular sizes of wood and metal double doors. For a more complete seal around double doors, SEALEZE® AstraSweep corner seals seal the space between the astragal seal and the door sweep.

How much brush do you need? What angle holders do you need?
We offer worksheets that guide you in addressing these and other questions. Complete the appropriate worksheet and email or fax it to us and we will provide you with a quote. Visit the downloads center for a complete list of worksheets.

AstraSweep corner brush seals installed with SEALEZE® door sweeps and astragal seals:

  • Provide a more complete seal around double doors
  • Save energy and keep out unwanted pests
  • Enhance the appearance of entry way doors with a more "finished" look
  • Hide unsightly vertical locking bars
  • Need less maintenance - providing durability unmatched by vinyl seals

SEALEZE® corner seals and door sweep brush seals are ideal for sealing the irregular surfaces of thresholds at door bottoms, conforming to the surface without impairing door movement. All SEALEZE® brush seals are made with durable SEALEZE® Therm-L-Brush nylon seals for long-lasting life. Rugged anodized aluminum holders are available in clear (matte silver) and dark brown (matte) - a perfect color match and complement to our door sweep and astragal seal holders. Holders are pre-slotted for easy installation.

AstraSweep Kits include two corner seals, two door sweeps and two astragal seals - all the materials necessary to seal the inside and bottoms of a double door.

For special door sizes or configurations, we will custom-cut strip brush weatherseal to your specification. Or, SEALEZE® brush weatherseal products can be ordered as bulk packs in stock lengths so you can cut to fit as needed.

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Astragal Seal Kits for Wood and Metal Doors
Product Code Holder Color Filament Length Door Height Seals Gaps Up To
A180CLA04BL14 clear (silver) 0.41" 7' 5/8"
A180DUR04BL14 dark brown 0.41" 7' 5/8"
C380CLA06BL14 clear (silver) 0.59" 7' 1"
C380DUR06BL14 dark brown 0.59" 7' 1"
A180CLA04BL16 clear (silver) 0.41" 8' 5/8"
A180DUR04BL16 dark brown 0.41" 8' 5/8"
C380CLA06BL16 clear (silver) 0.59" 8' 1"
C380DUR06BL16 dark brown 0.59" 8' 1"

AstraSweep Kits-Wood and Metal Doors Seal Gaps up to 1 inch!
Double Door SizeProduct CodeHolder Color
6' wide by 7' high C380CLA06BL67 clear (silver)
C380DUR06BL67 dark brown
6' wide by 8' high C380CLA06BL68 clear (silver)
C380DUR06BL68 dark brown
7' wide by 7' high C380CLA06BL77 clear (silver)
C380DUR06BL77 dark brown
7' wide by 8' high C380CLA06BL78 clear (silver)
C380DUR06BL78 dark brown
8'wide by 7' high C380CLA06BL87 clear (silver)
C380DUR06BL87 dark brown
8' wide by 8' high C380CLA06BL88 clear (silver)
C380DUR06BL88 dark Brown
Kits include: two (2) AstraSweep corner seals, two (2) doors sweeps (SEALEZE® product code prefix C380) and two astragal seals (SEALEZE® product code prefix C380)