pdf iconWhite Paper: SEALEZE® Static Electricity Dissipation Brush in a Web Application.
Learn how SEALEZE® Static Seal Static-Dissipation Brush SSG515AT2D performed in one company’s web coater application

SEALEZE® product line of brushes for static electricity control includes:

  • Straight strip and staple set brushes with static-dissipative and anti-static filaments
  • Soft-Fiber static-dissipative brush with acrylic fiber
  • Metal filament brush with conductive filaments

Static Seal
SEALEZE® Static Seal brushes are designed for applications requiring electrical conductivity, static dissipation, or EMI shielding properties.

Static Seal Static-Dissipative Nylon Filament Brushes are made with carbon particles chemically bonded to nylon filaments, to provide a brush with excellent strength and flexibility that will not crack or flake in working temperatures up to 230 degrees F. Static Seal brushes are available in mixtures of 20% or 100% conductive filament to meet your application needs.

Data Sheets

pdf icon Stock Strip Brush SFB115BL100CF with 100% conductive nylon filament

pdf icon Stock Strip Brush SFB115BL20CF with mix of 20% conductive nylon filament

Static Seal Anti-Static Nylon Filament Brushes are made with nylon filaments that are permanently infused throughout with a conductive agent that does not affect the mechanical or physical properties of the filament.

Data Sheet

pdf icon Anti-static Stock Strip Brush SFB110AS

Anti-static is an acrylic fiber bonded with copper sulfide to produce a soft, low-resistance, highly durable, conductive brush. Our anti-static brushes can be installed in any SEALEZE® G size brush holder.

Data Sheets

pdf icon Static Dissipation Stock Strip Brush SSG515AT1D

Metal Filament
Metal Filament brushes are used to dissipate static electricity charges in applications where brush properties, such as high-abrasion or elevated temperatures, are required.

SEALEZE® Metal Filament brushes, when properly grounded, provide a conductive path between the charged surface and ground. These brushes can be used to dissipate static charges in extreme high-temperature applications.

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SEALEZE® can produce static dissipative brushes in strip or staple set form. See below for standard strip brush configurations. Contact a SEALEZE® representative to design your static dissipative staple set brush.

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Product No.XYOATFilament DiameterFilament Type
Static Seal-Static-Dissipative
SFB115BL20CF 0.150" 0.152" 1.72" 0.010" 20% conductive / 80% nylon
SFB115BL100CF 0.150" 0.152" 1.72" 0.010" 100% conductive fiber
SFC130BL20CF 0.180" 0.199" 3.25" 0.010" 20% conductive / 80% nylon
SFC130BL100CF 0.180" 0.199" 3.25" 0.010" 100% conductive fiber
SFD130BL20CF 0.240" 0.256" 3.30" 0.010" 20% conductive / 80% nylon
SFD130BL100CF 0.240" 0.256" 3.30" 0.010" 100% conductive fiber
Static Seal-Anti-Static
SFB110AS 0.150" 0.152" 1.22" 0.010" Inherently conductive
Soft Fiber Thunderon - Static-Dissipative
SSG515AT1D 0.35" 0.40" 1.85" 0.0015" 0.5 tufts spacing
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SEALEZE® is in the market of solving problems for customers. We do this by drawing on a highly skilled staff, a unique problem-solving mindset, the broadest selection of brush materials in the industry and an impressive array of production equipment.

SEALEZE® was founded in the 1970s as a U.S. manufacturer of strip brush weatherseal. We expanded our capabilities to include: industrial, aerospace and defense, material handling and transit brush products. In 1999, we joined the Jason family of global manufacturing companies.We added staple set brush, also know as lag brush, manufacturing, and in 2016 made a significant investment to expand our large format staple set brush manufacturing capabilities. In the years since, we have become the foremost innovator in brush solutions in a vast array of industries and applications. Our commitment to customer service and customer-focused innovation makes SEALEZE® brush the leader of brush solutions.