SEALEZE® provides heavy duty or delicate wiping solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

Our strip brush and staple set brush, sometimes called lag brush, are generally used in this application. Our extensive custom forming capabilities can form brush, holders, and substrates to meet your demanding specifications. Our team of in-house engineers are available to help you identify the exact filament and physical requirements for your application. We can work with your engineers and CAD drawings to provide custom-formed inverted and external coils, external inverted spirals, cups, arcs, and custom shapes and trim lengths.

Common Applications Include:

  • Wiping threads (ball screws and lead screws)
  • Cleaning conveyor belts
  • Guiding, cleaning and descaling hose, wire, cable and rod
  • Vacuum collection
  • Industrial floor cleaners, sweepers, and scrubbers

Cleaning Products

SEALEZE® offers a wide variety of product options that will provide cleaning capabilities. Our products include nylon, metal, flexible, food safe and staple set brush. For a full list of products, please select a category below: